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If you work on a computer, you need to adjust your Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat. I promise you.

If you are on your computer every day, like me. Saving any amount of time with things you do every day allows you to maximize your productivity.

Personally, I spend a tremendous amount of time on the keyboard.

By adjusting your Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat, you will save minutes throughout your day, adding up to hours throughout the year. You’re welcome.

The best part is that it only takes 15 seconds to set up.

Mac Users:

— Apple Icon
— System Preferences
— Keyboard
— Adjust Slider
— Close Window
Try it out!

Windows Users:

— Start Menu
— Settings.
— Search “Keyboard”
— Typing Settings
— Adjust Slider
— Save.
Try it out!

What the heck is Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat?

Glad you asked.

You know when you are in a word doc, and you press the down arrow key, and it moves the cursor throughout the document. Or when you press and hold the delete key. That is Key Repeat.

If you wondered why it takes so long, it’s your computer settings. You can adjust it to fit your preferences. For me, I turned them all the way up.

That split second between the time you press and hold a key and when it starts repeating. That my friend is Delay Until Repeat.

Why would you want to adjust it?

Speed. Saving time. Being better.

You want to do your job faster than the people around you so you can get to reading Medium articles. :-)

To the designer, you can more expediently move items on in your creative applications.

For my fellow writers, use your arrow keys to navigate quickly through Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

It is also helpful for Project Managers who write several emails or send slack messages.

I’m such a big fan because I know it will shave seconds off throughout your day and allows you to get back your precious time. Seconds add up.

If you can save 40 secs per day across the entire day. That’s four hours a year.

Try it Out! Wow, that’s so much better.

Open up a word doc, hold down the “a” key. Now hold the delete key.

Much better, right?!

Detailed with screenshots for Mac users:

Select the Apple Icon in the upper left hand corner.
Click on System Preferences…

Find Keyboard.

Set your Key Repeat too Fast and your Delay Until Repeat too Short.

Window Users

For those of you on Windows machines. I’m sorry that I don’t own a machine to take screenshots but I found you a detailed article. Hope you enjoy your new superuser powers.



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